Our Food Philosophy

Throughout our blog you will here me speak in jargon while alluding to our food philosophy so it’s about time that I define it. Basically, we have distilled our choices when comes to food down to the following three simple concepts:

  1. Good Food is Good for Us
  2. Veggies First
  3. Sometimes Food

Good Food is Good for Us

"Good Food is Good for Us (GFGFU)" at its most basic, describes how food makes you feel after eating it. We believe that if more people simply listened to their bodies they would begin to make better choices when it comes to food. By choosing good food that is good for us, we are choosing to eating food that makes our bodies, and thus us in general, feel better. The more often we choose GFGFU, the healthier we become.

We’re aware that we’re not always in control of what our food options are. Unless you brought your own food, it’s not always possible to choose GFGFU at restaurants, gathering, etc. In these situations its best to choose the BEST option available. Doing anything else can lead to gastrointestinal problems, feelings of sluggishness (in body and/or mind) and in the long run, preventable diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension.

So what is the best way to be sure you’re choosing the best option available? Begin by choosing "veggies first".

Veggies First

Choosing "Veggies First (VF)" means exactly that. When choosing any meal, first choose the vegetables (and also the fruit) that it will contain before choosing the meat. Doing so will make it easier to incorporate produce into your life and you may even find that the meat isn’t necessary. The American diet does its residents a disfavor by being so meat-centric. Our lack of plant-based products is one of the primary reasons we are so sick. Without enough vegetables we can be deficient in vitamins, healthy oils and especially fiber. Experts agree that obtaining nutrients and vitamins from food sources is better than artificial sources such as pills. Healthy oils have been shown to help maintain a lower weight as well as promote healthy hormone levels and even alleviate depression. Fiber is essential to maintaining a healthy colon which can reduce symptoms of inflammation and reduce risks of colon cancer. It is obvious that adding a little more green (or yellow, or red, or orange) to one’s plate is helpful, so we hope you find recipes here to do just that!

Again, we understand that choosing GFGFU or even VF isn’t always possible, which is why there are "sometimes foods."

Sometimes Food

"Sometimes Food (SF)" are those desserts and others foods eaten for pleasure -not for any benefit to one’s health. We don’t believe that any food should be labeled as off-limits (except in the case of allergies or harm), but we do believe that foods which don’t have any nutritional benefit should be limited. What those limits are will vary from person to person, but as a rule of thumb, if it drives you to eat more of it, or if full of empty calories, then it’s probably a sometimes food. Sometimes foods are not to be confused with foods which make you feel bad after eating them (or after over-eating them). We believe in listening to our bodies. If eating a food makes us feel groggy or sick afterwards, then we interpret this as our body letting us know that this food is incompatible with our digestion.

Let’s face it. It has been proven time and again that dieting is hard and not sustainable. So why not try eating smarter instead? We have. Will you?

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