Occupy Our Food Supply

I never expected to be involved in any Occupy Movement, but today we lend our blog to the Occupy Our Food Supply movement because we agree with their goal of cultivating "healthy, just, sustainable food systems for all" by ending corporate exploitation of our food systems.

The goal of most corporations is money. It is not the welfare of its customers. No matter how "socially responsible" a corporation claims or aims to be, it’s first priority will always be financial gain. While this makes for a successful business, it does not benefit America and it is our health that is suffers.

With a focus on money, additives are added to food to extend its shelf life. Low cost alternatives to products may be selected and nutritional content is compromised. Worst still, synthetic compounds are often added to compensate for nutrient loss.

While we cannot expect corporations to choose health over wealth, we can take control of our own welfare. Recognizing that the food industry does not have your best interest in mind, we must reclaim control of what goes into our bodies and into the bodies of our children. We can no longer blindly trust what is written on the outside of a box or bag as simple truth. We must choose to eat and prepare primary food for ourselves and for our families.

Primary food is unprocessed food. Primary food means buying raw meat, not fast food. It means buying raw vegetables, not veggie chips. It means saying "No" to quick food choices and no longer compromising quality for convenience. By choosing to buy and eat primary food you are eliminating from your diet the shelf-life extending preservatives and by-products of mass food production. This can lower the toxic load on internal organs and has been shown to reduced inflammation and even alleviate chronic disease. 

Primary food selection can result in a healthier you and is crucial to a GFGFU lifestyle.

Choosing primary food for one’s health is not the only goal of Occupy Our Food Supply. The others are listed below:

  • Resist GMOs and genetic engineering
  • Resist the privatization of seeds
  • Resist the corporate consolidation of our food system
  • Support family farmers
  • Support sustainable agriculture and local food systems
  • Fight the displacement of communities and forests for plantation crops like palm oil
  • Demand food safety
  • Get rid of Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs)
  • Encourage people to buy local produce, to cook, and eat meals together
  • Transform our relationship to food  to know our farmer and where our food comes from
  • Stand up for fair and just jobs for farm workers and food workers
  • Make healthy, affordable, culturally-appropriate food accessible in low-income communities and communities of color
  • End the revolving door of biotech executives in the FDA
  • Support and stand in solidarity with local communities around the world who are reclaiming the food system in the name of justice and sustainability

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  1. Wow, way to go. This is grass roots. I totally agree. We are the only ones who can change our lives and destiny. Our total dependence on corporations for are food source has weakened us individually, as families and as a nation. You are what you eat! much love…

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